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About MXC & how do I get posted here

Motocross Canada is dedicated to scraping together anything to do with motocross in Canada and that we think is of interest to Canadian fans. We try to gather news without bias and link you to the best sources in the country and your region.  We take time to scan the most remote corners of the internet formotocrosscanada_v1.1 the most trivial but relevant tid bits floating about.

If you have something to add, or see something we missed, you can create an account and post to this site directly OR direct  message @motocrosscanada on Twitter OR message on our Facebook page OR email us or send a text to 519 525 6409. We are pretty much always happy to help publicize a rider, a photographer,  an event, a  venue, a company, a publication, a website, a writer, etc. if we deem it of interest to us as fans of the sport without stepping over in any spam .

If you have a burning desire to learn more about the folks behind Motocross Canada  you can check out our LinkedIn company profile.

The timeline below gives  taste of the type of coverage we provide .